George Claudio 10/21/12

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One comment on “George Claudio 10/21/12

  1. Gina and Raul says:

    Pastor George and all that prayed for me. You picked myself and one other person out of a group of people. And my world seemed to crumble in on me. I always felt like I was not be noticed for what I have done for my family and other loved ones. And now look where I am and it hurts and feels lonely, but being with you and the church, talking about Our Lord, brought on so much pain and hurt for what I have done for my loved ones and I am still doing. I explained that I was homeless and without a job. And it was all I I I in church, but outside of church with my boyfriend it was we we we. Well THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU. We, ( my boyfriend and I) are compromising and he has a really nice job now. I may still be looking but it is a start. I am still in the game! I am not giving up. No matter what because I had you and the church let me know that I was noticed. THANKYOU PASTOR GEORGE AND STRAIGHTWAY VINEYARD!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be in church Nov. 4

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